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3D Shadows

Realistic Shadows For All Your Images

Shadows are a very important element in photography, giving a realistic and more professional touch to all images, no matter what you need them for. With Designify, you don’t need to look for super complicated software where you manually need to add or adjust shadows. Designify automatically adds super realistic ones to all your photos, instantly improving their overall look.

Let our AI do all the work

Want to have our AI automatically detect the light source and add realistic shadows to your images? Just follow these steps:

  1. Open the Smart Editor.

  2. Upload your photo.

  3. Select a design.

  4. After automatically detecting the light source the shadow will be applied accordingly.

That's all! You just saved yourself a lot of editing time.

Fixed shadows to ensure consistency

Do you need a consistent look across a larger number of photos, for example for all of your e-commerce inventory? Just set the same shadow direction straight from the editor. Click on Elements > Shadows and choose the Fixed option. You will now be able to drag the cursor and shift your shadow wherever you like, adjusting the angle and the distance from the subject.

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